Profit Lab Live

Profit Lab Live is a 6-week, live coaching program exclusively for Beauty Bosses.


You’ll learn how to level up your cash flow, pay yourself MORE, and slay tax time.

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Hey! My name is Lucia.

My passion is to transform the beauty industry by elevating beauty bosses to their highest potential as badass business owners. I have been in the salon biz since I was 17 and nothing lights me up quite like it. My goal is to help stylists not just make more money but learn how to KEEP it! Profit doesn’t happen on accident and no one teaches you how to truly be profitable in school. I went from $2k in my business account to $20k in just one year, paying myself every week and being fully prepared for year end taxes, and I want to teach all beauty bosses to do the same and MORE!



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Check out what these Beauty Bosses said about Profit Lab Live

Profit Lab for Beauty Bosses is hands down the best industry focused financial education I have received! Leanne and Lucia really guide you through, step by step, the exact tools to set your business up for success. I highly recommend checking it out if you are ready to feel empowered by your finances!

Lisa Huff

Hairstylist & Studio Suite Owner

Profit Lab isn't one of those courses you'll take and then forget that you took it and move on; it's life-altering. It will completely change the way you do business. I would recommend this course to any and every beauty professional; I'm not kidding when I say it's life-altering.

Aja Coore

Stylist & Salon Owner

I now make smart, educated financial decisions and am seeing and saving my money! It has trickled into my personal expenses as well!

Haley Dilley

Owner, Haley Dilley Hair

My accounts are growing, and my business cash flow is flourishing. It feels like freedom to say I know what I need to do to move forward and grow from here, spending on purpose, on my terms.

Jami Anderson

Owner, Hairapy by Jami

I have been using my new system for a couple of weeks and have already noticed a huge difference in my finances. This was so successful and I’m so happy that I did this profit lab!

Gemmina Olmstead

Owner, Nails by Gemmina

Leanne and Lucia are so knowledgeable and so relatable. This course is worth every penny and will truly help you to profit in your business!

Amy Lee

Owner, Hair by Amy
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